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Tim the Tileman

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Beware of the “deal of a lifetime” when shopping for new flooring for your home.

In economic times like we are experiencing not only research the products you want in your home but make sure you hire a professional to take you from design to finish.

Purchasing tile at a big box store for .69 cents per square foot is only a small piece of the project. It is the finish that you will be looking at everyday for several years, one you will not want to question if you made the right decision. There is a reason that ceramic tile is so inexpensive. It could be that the tile is not square, could be warped, could be seconds?? But after you have decided on the tile you want hire a true tile setter to install it.

Make sure the tile setter has at least 5 years experience and setting tile is his or her main career day in and day out. Also, check to see if they are covered by Workmen's Comp and General Liability Insurance before letting any work begin. Ask about their employees and know that you can feel safe and secure with who is coming to your home. Ask if they apply the Tile Council of America standards to their installation.

If you get anything out of this tip…. Just remember “Tim the TileMan” says to asks lots of questions before any work begins on your home, your castle.


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Floor sales: Tile  Natural Stone  Carpet  Hardwood  Vinyl  Serving: Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem Triad NC